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Reflected Light

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Sticks & Stones (sold)
oil on canvas 24 X 36
Geography (sold)
oil on canvas 20 X 30
Sudden Freeze (sold)
oil on canvas 18 X 27
Group Dynamics (sold)
oil on canvas 48 X 32
Water Music - sold
oil on canvas 24 X 30
If Not For The Tension (sold)
oil on canvas 16 X 12
Tonality (sold)
oil on canvas 32 X 46
Regatta (sold)
oil on canvas 24 X 36
Chasing Rainbows (sold)
oil on canvas 60 X 40
Bank Shot (sold)
oil on canvas 48 X 32
Fall Fantasia (sold)
oil on canvas 16 X 24

Reflected Light
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The Reflected Light series includes macro and micro views of the natural landscape, with an emphasis on pattern, shadow and light. These pieces, some in the style of contemporary realism and others of surrealism, capture the reflected qualities of light on form, showing the inherent and luminous beauty found in nature. Artwork in this series features water, plants, seasonal transitions, and abstract patterns inspired by natural settings. Please contact the artist for more information about the Reflected Light series and available pieces.

* Limited edition giclees prints are also available for many of the paintings.

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