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Steinem's Architectural scenes are set in a host of locations, including Montreal, Boston, Manhattan, and Washington D.C. His soaring Cityscapes and historically significant buildings are usually composed on site, with reference sketches and photos. While composing a painting people on the street have often approached him, to gaze at the scene he's composing and remark that they have never noticed those elements before. That's the magic of his architectural pieces, finding the juxtaposition of old and new within the sweeping, sometimes surreal, lines of urban landscapes. Steinem accepts commissioned work on architectural pieces, with prices based on the complexity of the subject and the canvas size. Please contact the artist for details.
* Limited edition giclees prints are also available for many of the paintings.
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Pebble Hill Studio  ·  413-624-3709 (Mass.)  ·  202-237-7344 (Wash. D.C.)